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Operation and Setup

Beam Operation - Enable Assisted Docking

By default, all Beams are delivered with the assisted docking feature enabled; however, certain events can disrupt this functionality including head or motor board exchange. If your Beam no longer recognizes its charging dock for any reason, please follow the instructions below to re-engage the system: 

  1. Submit a ticket using the following conditions:
    • Subject: "Calibration Needed"
    • Description: Enter your Beam's Name and/or Serial ID
  2. A Customer Success Officer will reply to confirm that the calibration service has been enabled.
  3. Launch the Beam application and Beam into the corresponding device.
  4. Drive approximately 2 feet off the dock.
  5. Turn the Beam to face the dock leaving 6 inches between the dock and the front of the Beam.
  6. Press and hold F7 until the calibration is complete. 
  7. If the process is successful, you will notice a green line outlining the perimeter of the dock. 
  8. Press and hold "P" to confirm the Beam aligns and connects well to the dock. 
  9. When finished, notify the Customer Success Officer who will place a lock of the parking functionality for future use.

For additional information, chat with us online or email our Customer Success Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..