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Operation and Setup

Look Beam-utiful

When beaming in a professional setting, you want to look your best on camera. Consider the following recommendations for preparing your piloting environment.

Space    Dedicate a 6 x 8 ft area for your computer setup   


Background  Declutter your background viewable in the Beam App
  If using a backdrop, position the easel to allow the backdrop to fill the entire video frame in the Beam App


Lighting  Avoid positioning yourself with your back to your lighting source
  Consider LED lighting for a crisp look


Peripherals  Position your monitor at the rear edge of your desk/table
  Position your webcam at the top, center of your monitor
  Position your keyboard at the front edge of your desk/table to avoid reaching and slouching
  Position your microphone as close to your chin as possible while keeping it out of the viewing area
  Position the Beam App just below your webcam to lead your eyes to the focus area. This will give the illusion of eye-contact

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