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Docking a Beam

Beam Assisted-Docking is a user-friendly feature that allows for proficient self-parking. When a Beam comes within range of a charging station, a green light outlines the dock to notify the pilot to engage Assisted-Docking. The Beam will turn to align itself with the dock to ensure successful docking. 

Assisted-Docking is available by default for all Beam Presence Systems. It is best practice to dock your Beam prior to ending your session. 

Docking a Beam using the Beam Mobile App

  1. Drive forward to the charging dock to engage Assisted-Docking.
  2. When the Beam comes within range, the charging dock will outline in green.
  3. Place and hold your finger on the fingerprint icon that appears on the Beam's base.
  4. Docking is complete when the charging indicator flashes within the navigation view.
  5. The Beam will continue to charge until it is removed from the dock.

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