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Where in the World is Beam? Summer Fun Edition

Ah, summertime.

While your social media feeds may be filling with images of friends and colleagues heading off to far-flung places for summer vacations, we have to admit we’re used to seeing our friends trekking around the globe - without ever leaving the comfort of their homes or offices.

This gave us the idea of checking in to see where in the world people are Beaming from and to this summer. Here are a few that caught our eye:


  1. Making a difference in Denmark

Did you know that June 24th was Impact Journalism Day?

Fifty leading newspapers worldwide published special print and online editions devoted to covering concrete and inspiring solutions to global issues, on subjects including education, energy, healthcare, agriculture, water, technology, and urbanism.

This story followed 13-year-old Yusuf Warsame who attends school via Beam in Copenhagen.


  1. Tech tourism in the Bay Area

We were flattered to be included in the San Francisco Chronicle’s round-up on Silicon Valley tech tourism. Here visitors at our Palo Alto store chat with product specialists, Kasey and Austen (Beaming in Berkeley, CA and Davis, CA respectively).


  1. A fish tale in Canada

Students from the Millerton School were treated to an “in-person” presentation on the salmon lifecycle in New Brunswick, Canada.


  1. Beam a retreat in Mountain View, CA

Google Lime Scholars, which provides scholarships and networking retreats for computer science students with disabilities, held its annual retreat at Google’s Mountain View, CA headquarters, with some of the scholars Beaming in to enjoy and learn.



  1. NBA star Zach LaVine on the road

NBA players are on the road more than any other pro sport: according to a recent ESPN article, the average NBA team logged 44,214 miles last season. No wonder former-Timberwolves point guard Zach LaVine uses Beam to stay in touch; he’ll need it in the coming season when he moves to Chicago to play for and travel with the Bulls!



  1. A sweet exchange at InfoComm in Orlando, FL

An InfoComm conference-goer in Orlando gets sweet treatment, literally, from Dominique, who Beamed in from Sweden to brighten attendees days (and keep up their sugar intake).


  1. Discussing disruption from Dublin

In a meta-move, Deloitte’s Chief Digital Disruptor, Ed Greig, Beamed in from Dublin to speak to a group of students in Deloitte’s Digital UK studio on disruptive technology… like telepresence.


  1. Reaching for the sky, landing in Disney World

In a tale as heartwarming a Toy Story itself, Emma Lockwood loaned her Beam to Madison Reed so she could Beam in from her home in Ohio to the Cure SMA Conference held this year at Disney World in Orlando, FL.

Where in the world do you go with your Beam? Whether you’re enjoying a staycation, working remotely, or are on vacation, you can go where you need to go and do what you want to do -- just #BeamIn.