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Be in the Room With the People Who Matter Most

We’re at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, where we’re showing off a new version of Beam. Thanks to an upgraded software package, it’s more powerful than our entry-level device, plus it’s got dual-band Wi-Fi and 8 hours of battery life, so it can work a full day, just like you do.

A recent study showed that an overwhelming 93 percent of employees feel that they are more productive working remotely. There is one drawback — despite the continued rise in email, chat and videoconferencing, remote team members often feel isolated; things get lost in translation, and calling multiple meetings for daily work is a nuisance.

Beam lets team members actually “be present” across multiple offices and locations — they can stay connected and feel more engaged. It goes way beyond video-chatting technology, enabling users to travel instantly to remote locations with the freedom of mobility, over a Wi-Fi or cellular 4G LTE connection. Beam provides more authentic communication; employees can jump in and out of conversations in a fluid way. The remote user, or pilot, has full independence and autonomy, and controls when they enter a conversation, who they look at, and how they move around. It lets remote users be present, not just heard.

More and more companies are using Beam as an integral part of their team structure, and this Beam will enable more companies to staff remote teams more efficiently. That means you get the best person for the job, even if that person lives in Bonanza, CO (pop. 1) and you’re based in Los Angeles.

We think it’s the future of the connected workforce.

We’ll be back with more info; you can meet the new Beam and even pilot one, at our booth. (#30769) Stop by and check it out!