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Beam brings healthcare professionals and patients together across distances to provide better outcomes, broader access, quicker responses, tailored solutions, and a more personal touch.

  • Healthcare - On Call from Anywhere
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  • On Call from Anywhere

    It's clear how demanding the healthcare landscape is today with
    larger patient rolls and greater emphasis on results. Your time
    needs to be spent efficiently. Treatments need to be effective.

    Beam supports you.
    • Visit patients in the next county
    • Deliver after-hours care no matter where you are
    • Conduct remote rounds
  • Telemedicine That Works

    Training on the latest procedures and equipment must be up-to-date.
    When issues arise, you want all your experts quickly available to find answers.

    Beam enables you.
    • Reach targeted support from device manufacturers or pharmacists
    • Supervise or receive specialized training
    • Innovate for successful outcomes
  • Telemedicine That Works
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  • Technology You Can Trust
  • Technology You Can Trust

    Beam operates on a dedicated and secure global network.
    Its easy-to-use technology is inherently flexible enough to address
    the individual needs of healthcare providers and patients alike.

    Beam helps you.
    • Protect patient privacy and comply with HIPAA regulations
    • Confirm diagnoses or treatment plans with a second opinion
    • Maintain schedules so you have time for your personal life

Key Features

Clear Audio
and Video make treatment
and diagnosis more personal.

Heights interact with patients
in a chair or on an exam table.

and Sensors you can navigate
the clinic with ease.

Mobility you can practice or train
even in remote locations.

Who benefits from Beam?

Patients, primary care physicians, specialists, home health providers, pharmacists, and medical device manufacturers.
Here are some of their stories.

Healthcare - Case Study - InMedic

Health Professionals


"Being medical director, sometimes I need to be in two or three places at once. Having Beam on my side, I am able to effectively complete my responsibilities, such as training physicians who are working with me."


Healthcare - Case Study - Summit Imaging

Medical Device Manufacturers

Summit Imaging

"We use the Beams almost every day. That’s why we have two. Sometimes we will have a customer coming in to visit us, and at the same time we'll have an employee attending a meeting."


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