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Our Story is Straightforward

We knew communicating across distances had to be better.

Despite all the existing technologies in 2011 — email, chat, and videoconferencing — working remotely was frustrating us on so many levels. Team members across the country felt isolated. Things got lost in translation. Calling multiple meetings to get daily work done was a drain on time. We thought if we felt this pain, surely others were feeling it too.

Inspired to find a better way, we imagined what an effortless solution would look like, and set to work creating Beam. Communicating across distances would need to be easy, fast and secure. Connecting remotely would have to feel natural, seamless, and human. Working together while physically apart would need to help our teams be more efficient and more cohesive as a company culture.

Our instincts proved to be true. As soon as the first Beams drove out of their docking stations, people found the benefits we’d imagined plus many more — saving money; achieving sustainability goals; and perhaps best of all, finding more time for friends and family.

40% of Fortune 50 companies use Beam.

The Beam Founders

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