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Be present with your colleagues.

Lead. Collaborate. Be visible. Take a seat at the table with Beam®.


Beam provides active families and small businesses with state-of-the-art telepresence capabilities at a competitive price.

Choose the Beam that fits your needs.
Battery Long-lasting lead-acid battery. Assisted-docking feature allows for effortless charging. Up to 2 Hours Up to 8 Hours
Screen Size High-quality display brings you clearly into the room. 10 Inches
WiFi Connectivity Dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless radio. Optional second radio combines with patented roaming algorithms to provide seamless WiFi connectivity. LTE availability via USB. 1 Radio 2 Radios
Audio Front-mounted speaker gives weight to your words; high-quality microphone array ensures that you'll never miss a beat. 1 Speaker & 4 Microphones
Video High-resolution LCD flat-panel display makes face-to-face interactions a reality; two wide-angle HDR cameras allow you to survey the room with ease. Enhanced Definition
Zoom 1x digital zoom forward-facing and navigation cameras bring details into sharper focus. 1x Digital Zoom
Mobility Pinpoint navigation allows you to escape the conference room wall and benefit from face-to-face interactions. 1 MPH 2 MPH
Safety and Stability Low center of gravity optimizes stability and control; continuously operating forward- and downward-facing cameras promote greater awareness of surroundings and improve maneuverability. 4 Wheels & Wide-Angle Navigation and View Cameras
Body Strong but light materials provide durability. Reinforced Polymer
Admin Tool Basic admin tool allows for remote management of every device in your organization. Optional upgrade provides scheduling features and enhanced access control. Basic Advanced
Power Charging dock is compatible with 100–240V, 50–60Hz outlets.
Price $1,995 $3,995
Service and Support $79/Year $395/Year
Changes in production may cause Beam® to look slightly different than in photos.

Using Beam Is as Simple as:

Connect to a WiFi Network
Download the App
Beam In!

Beam® Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I find Beam+ or Beam+Max anymore?

Beam+ and Beam+Max are now Beam. Beam (standard) has replaced Beam+; Beam (enhanced) has replaced Beam+Max.

How long does shipping take?

With standard shipping, allow 5–10 business days for delivery after placing order. Contact sales for expedited shipping options.

What do I need to operate a Beam?

For an optimal experience, please review our detailed list of Requirements and WiFi Video.

Do I need Internet access to operate Beam?

Yes, both the pilot's computer and the Beam itself need a broadband Internet connection. (1 Mbps up/down minimum, 3 Mbps up/down recommended).

What do I need to install Beam?

Beam ships with all necessary components for a quick and easy setup. The Beam dock should be positioned near a 120V, 220V, or 240V grounded electrical outlet.

Will I receive what I see in these images?

Due to changes in production, your Beam may appear slightly different than in photos.

Do you offer international shipping?

Contact for international shipping inquiries.

Where can I learn more about Beam?

Request a test drive, visit our Beam Store in Palo Alto, or browse our Knowledge Base.

Beam® Size and Weight

Height: 52.9in (134.4cm)
Width: 12.3in (31.3cm)
Depth: 16.4in (41.7cm)
Weight: 39lb (17.7kg)
Beam Dimensions

Dock Size and Weight

Height: 6.5in (16.4cm)
Width: 18.2in (46.1cm)
Depth: 17.9in (45.5cm)
Weight: 5.6lb (2.5kg)
Dock Dimensions